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Winter Activities Under $10 To Help Keep Your Kid Busy

Oh man.  Winter is here, and you’re going to start hearing these dreaded words on a daily basis: “Mom, I’m booooored!”  Luckily, there are a lot of fun and cheap ways to help keep them occupied.

Do you need a little help figuring out how to keep your kids busy without busting your bank account?  Here is a list of activities that might help save your sanity, and keep those kiddos happy.

Tape Racetracks

This one is easy!  Give your children a roll of masking tape and a few cars, and let them loose.  Let them create their own racetracks using the tape directly on the floor, and then play with the cars on the tracks afterward.

They can also use the tape to create their own “board” games, or to play indoor hopscotch!

Popcorn Olympics!

All you need is popcorn and straws.  Determine a start and finish line, and let your children use the straws to blow the popcorn across the floor.  The first one there is the winner – although they’ll both be winners when they get to eat the remaining popcorn afterward.

Indoor Spider Web Game

This one is a LOT of fun. Give your kids a roll of tape, and let them create a spider web across a door frame.  Make sure that they keep one side sticky.  When they’re done, they can roll up paper balls to throw at their newly created web.

Sugar Tray

If you have a younger kiddo, this is a simple and safe way to let them explore texture and a fun way to be creative.  Just fill a serving tray with sugar, and give them an object to draw with.  They can also use their fingers, and if they try a little taste, it is perfectly safe.  Unless they try eating all of it, that is.

You can even try adding a few drops of food coloring to the sugar and mixing to coat.  You can place piles of different colored sugar, and let your child mix it around as they please.

Have a Colander and Pipe Cleaners Laying Around?

This is another activity that is perfectly suited for younger children.  Just place the colander upside down, and encourage them to poke and twist the pipe cleaners through to create their own masterpiece.

Paper Towel Roll Tunnels

Just tape an empty paper towel roll to the wall, facing down – and put a bowl on the floor underneath.  Give your child items that they can put down the tube so that it can fall into the bowl below.  This can keep a young child entertained for far longer than you might think.

Sponge Towers

All you need to do is grab a stack of sponges, and cut them into narrow rectangles – all the same size.  Your child can use these to build towers – or whatever else their heart might desire.

Maisie Peterson