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a father wears a gas mask while holding his baby and a diaper

Why You Shouldn’t Split Diaper Duty with Your Husband

If you thought your husband should split diaper duty with you 50/50, you thought wrong.  Wait, you thought that you should be splitting all of the work involved in raising a baby evenly?  Turns out, that isn’t exactly the best way to handle it.  We’ll explain why.

You’re Already Doing Too Much

Yes, both of you, unless one of you is expecting the other to do more than their own fair share.  In that case, someone is definitely taking advantage of the situation.  Truth be told, you’ve probably both reached your limit, and each person has a different limit to reach.

One of the best things you can do for each other is recognizing that you both can’t do it all, and to allow for a little imperfection in your routine.

You’re Going to Have Arguments

Even so, having arguments about who should have done what, and who didn’t do enough while the other person did more is going to be inevitable.

You’re both going to be overly tired and stressed.  Just realize that this is normal and that over time, things will get easier.

Collaborate Together

Instead of trying to keep a firm boundary line on who did what, strive instead to work together to achieve the same goal.  Who cares if someone else changed more diapers, or if the other person folded more loads of laundry?  Try to find the happy medium that you both can live with.

Simply put, be there for each other, and try your best to help out where you can.  If you notice the other parent could use a break, take the opportunity to give them a break.

Don’t Stay Silent

One of the worst things you can do is keep it all inside, and not say anything if you feel like your partner isn’t doing enough.  Talk to your significant other, and if you need a helping hand, be sure to ask for it.

Don’t assume that they already know, or that they realize how hard you’ve been working.  Have a heart-to-heart, and focus on being the absolute best parents you can possibly be.

Maisie Peterson