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Why Do Parents Choose Not to Spank?

This is certainly a hot topic, and that becomes obvious every time this subject makes an appearance on social media.  The truth is that people feel very passionate about how they raise their kids, and they don’t like feeling judged for doing what they believe is right.

If you choose to spank, then perhaps you believe that not spanking will lead to an undisciplined child.  You would actually be wrong in that case, and this is why:

Spanking isn’t the only form of discipline.

Just because someone chooses not to spank doesn’t mean they don’t punish or discipline their child at all.  Instead of spanking, they choose other consequences.  These might include things such as time-outs, or assignments to help their children focus on what they did wrong.

They want to build trust, not fear.

One of the biggest reasons a parent might not want to spank is because they want to build a strong trust relationship with their child.  They don’t want their child to fear telling the truth.  If a child is afraid of being spanked when they’ve done something wrong, they’ll be more likely to lie about it.

If they feel like they can talk to their parents without fear, then it gives the parents a better chance to turn the wrongdoing into a learning experience.

Studies say that spanking doesn’t work.

There have been many studies conducted over the years that suggest that spanking simply doesn’t work.  It might seem like the results are more immediate, but it can actually cause more behavioral issues instead of preventing them.

In the end, parents will always do what they believe is best for their own children, and for their own family.  However, it never hurts to try understanding why another family might choose an alternative method.

People should also be allowed to make their own choices in how they raise their children.  Just because they choose a different method than you doesn’t mean you should take it as an insult towards your own way of parenting.  Keep that in mind the next time you see a meme on social media about spanking!

Maisie Peterson