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a baby looks ahead as a doctor listens to its heartbeat

What Your Baby’s Doctor Is Never Going to Tell You

There are many things that your baby’s doctor chooses to tell you throughout the years, but there are even more things that never come up – and they should.

Okay, so the things listed below probably aren’t all “doctor territory,” but they know these things. They really do, and gosh knows every new mom could benefit from being clued in.

Since the doctor isn’t going to tell you, we will!

Enjoy Your Sleep While You Can

Your baby might have reached the stage where they sleep overnight, but be warned – your idea of an early morning and their idea of an early morning might be totally different things.

While you might have enjoyed sleeping in until 10 a.m. on some weekends, your child might think 6 a.m. is a fabulous time to say good morning to the world. Every single morning. For years.

School Germs Are No Joke

Once your child enters school, both your immunity system and theirs are absolutely doomed.

Here’s the thing about elementary school – you and your child will be exposed to germs that you never knew even existed.

Kids are gross and snotty, and they love to share everything with each other, up close and personal. Keep Kleenex handy at all times, including in your car. Trust me on that.

Little Boys Are So Much Fun

If you have a little boy, watch out. They learn that they have something different from girls very early on, and once they find it, they’re not going to let go any time soon.

You will often find their hands where they shouldn’t be, and they’ll want to show you all the silly things they can do when they go to the bathroom.

Speaking of, that’s a fantastic time to teach them about how they should wash their hands, and wash them often.

They Really Do Behave Better for Other People

This will be the favorite thing you’ll hear from others as your child grows up: “Your child was SO good! They were perfect for me!”

It is especially fun when your child’s grandmother goes on about how much better behaved your child is for her than they are for you.

There is a silver lining though. Children tend to act out most around the people they’re most comfortable with. It means you make them feel secure and loved – so take that, grandma!

Kids Never Stop Talking

While you look at your wee little babe and wonder what their first words might be and what it will be like to have conversations with them one day, I’m going to stop you right there.

While it is amazing to have this little walking, talking person show up eventually, once they do – they’re never going to stop.

They will talk about all the things, all the time. They will more than make up for what the doctor neglected to tell you over the years.

Maisie Peterson