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a baby yawns before falling asleep

Things No One Ever Told You About Becoming a Mom

When you envisioned becoming a mother, you probably thought about what you’ve seen in movies and what you’ve witnessed from parent friends and families.

Adorable baby, the cutest clothes, the sweetest smells.  You get to decorate a nursery and choose a crib – it all looks so fun and exciting!  However, the truth is that being a mom IS all of those things, but it comes at a price.  A price most mothers are more than willing to pay.

You Won’t Sleep Properly for Years

This isn’t an understatement.  You have to work with your baby’s schedule, not the other way around.  You’ll be up every 2-3 hours for nightly feedings, and you are going to be exhausted.

If you used to be a night owl, you won’t be anymore.  Even if your baby is up late, they usually wake up with the sunrise.  Luckily, those early morning grins and coos you’ll get in return are so worth it.

Your Time Won’t Be So Flexible

Families love to throw get-togethers, but if you’re one of the first to have a new baby in the family, they won’t always be so understanding of your child’s schedule.

Those midday lunches and brunches?  Nada.  Your baby is probably going to be napping around that time.  Late night dinners?  YOU are the one that will pay the price for keeping baby up past their bedtime, and your family won’t always appreciate that.

You’ll Need to Grow a Spine

Don’t like confrontation?  Get used to it, because you’ll need to learn to say the word “no” pretty early on.  People will want to feed your infant junk food.  They’ll try to nab your child right from your arms without asking.  They’ll insist they’re doing a favor for you, when you didn’t want the favor to begin with.  They’ll pressure you to let them watch your baby overnight when you aren’t ready.

Learning to say “no” is absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself, and for your baby.

Give Up on Staying Clean

Your baby will poop at the most inopportune times.  They will spit up constantly.  (cloth diapers make for excellent burp clothes!)  You will invest heavily in baby wipes and hand sanitizer and will need to keep it on your person at all times.

Your days of white shirts will be over, unless you have the foresight to bring an extra one along.  Babies are the most wonderfully messy creatures, and every one of their messes will somehow make it onto your clothing.

This list could easily go on and on.  Becoming a mom is hard work, and requires a great deal of adjustment.  I do promise one thing…  it does get easier, and you’ll become a much stronger person for it.  Becoming a mother is a growing process for both you AND your child.

Maisie Peterson