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an adorable baby looks confused

Strangest Baby Habits that are Totally Normal

I need to let you in on a little secret.

When you have a baby, you find out that they do a lot of the weirdest things.  Some of it is pretty darned gross!   Gross in the most adorable way, of course.

Are you ready to find out about some of the strangest habits babies have?  Read on!

The Hic* Hic* Hiccups

Oh man, the hiccups.  They’ll come out of nowhere, and they can sometimes take forever to leave.  You’ll most likely feel your baby hiccupping while they’re still inside your belly!

It is believed they get the hiccups so easily because they haven’t quite figured out the entire breathing and swallowing thing to perfection yet.  Don’t worry, they’ll get there.

The Touchy Feelies

Babies love to explore.  Everything.  Especially their own bodies, and especially during diaper changes.  Don’t give it a second thought.  It is perfectly natural, and perfectly normal.

You just need to be careful when changing their diapers because they might uhm…  end up with messy hands, that can quickly make for messy faces.

The Shimmy Shakes

Babies do love to wiggle!  It is common for babies to be laying there quietly one minute, and the next thing you know, they’re trembling away.

For the most part, this is pretty normal.  Their nervous system is still trying to figure itself out, and there may be occasional blips until that happens.

If you notice this happening more often than you think it should, or if your baby is crying when it happens, it is always a good idea to call your pediatrician just to be safe.

The Fake Cough

Oh, the fake coughing is fun.  Not.  You’ll need to be on the alert for this one!  Babies are rather intelligent, and they’ll catch on fairly quickly that if they cough – their parents will come running to check on them.

They will absolutely use this to their advantage, especially when they’re supposed to be napping.  They will find it hilarious to see Mommy come running every time they do it!  They may even learn to gag themselves to get the same reaction.

Want to know the strangest thing of all?  You’re going to miss these weird habits, no matter how frustrating or gross they might be.  Most of these happen during the first year, and that time is going to go by so fast.  Enjoy every moment of it while you can!

Maisie Peterson