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Should You Let Your Little Girl Wear Makeup?

When is the right time to let your little girl start doing things like wearing makeup?  Some parents worry about the message that wearing makeup can send, and how little girls might think they’re not pretty enough without it.

Other parents worry about what might happen if they’re too strict and choose to enact a no make-up policy.  What happens when your daughter decides to wear it anyway behind your back?

Why Little Girls Want to Wear Makeup

The simple truth is that as your daughter grows up, she’ll start to be influenced by her friends and peers.  She’ll watch celebrities on television and social media, and it’s only natural that she’ll want to copy certain styles and try new trends.  But should you let her?

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’ll be okay with your child wearing makeup, but here are a few things to keep in mind that might help:

Ask Your Daughter Why She Wants to Wear Makeup

Instead of just forbidding your daughter from wearing makeup, take the time to have a conversation about it.  Talk with her about why she wants to wear makeup, and what she hopes to gain from it.

Is she feeling pressured by her friends?  Does she feel like she looks too young?  Is she worried that she isn’t attractive?

Talking to your daughter can help her feel like she has some control of her own body, and she’ll know that you’re there for her and willing to listen – and you should really listen.

Respect the answers she gives you, and help guide her to make the right choices.

Is She Willing to Wait?

If you feel like it is still too early for your daughter to start experimenting with makeup, explain to her that you think waiting will be a better option.

Don’t just ban it with no timeframe in sight, however.  Give her a goal, such as when she starts high school.  That can at least help give her something to look forward to.

Another option is allowing your daughter to only wear makeup during certain times, such as during events that happen after school.

Be Willing to Compromise

Instead of a face full of makeup, you can give your daughter a few lighter options until you consider her to be old enough to make her own decisions.  Some girls will be plenty happy with just mascara and lip gloss.

You could also use this opportunity as a chance to bond with your daughter.  Take her to a makeup store and help her choose options that are acceptable to both of you.

Teach her how to apply it correctly without going overboard, and how to choose colors that will help her achieve a natural look.

Maisie Peterson