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baby and mother celebrate new years together

New Year’s Resolutions for Moms That You Can Actually Keep

Think back to the New Year’s resolutions you used to make before having children, and the ones you might make now as a mother.  Do you think you’d be able to make those same resolutions now with a child in tow?

Instead of making hopeful New Year’s resolutions that are likely to fail, here are a few suggestions that might be far more possible for all of the mothers out there.

Hug Your Children More

Children grow up faster than you can imagine, so make sure that you’re getting as many hugs in as you possibly can!  Not only could this help your child feel more secure and confident, but science says it could also lead to a higher IQ, and lower aggression.

Eat Family Meals Together

Sometimes family meals seem like a thing of the past.  Instead of sitting together at a table, we often sit scattered around, staring at a tv or our phone while eating.  Some people use this as a way to decompress after a long, busy day.

However, you should still set aside time for at least a few family meals each week.  It doesn’t even have to be a home-cooked meal – takeout will do!  What really matters is that you’re spending time together, face to face.

Speak Kindly

You don’t have to be a perfect mom, but you can try your best to be a kind one that provides a good role model to her children.  Instead of using harsh words in the heat of a moment, opt for kindness instead.  This can go a long way in helping your child control their own reactions.

Share Your Thoughts

Although it might not seem like it, children truly are sponges, and they’ll soak in every bit of information they can, whether you realize it or not.  Take the time to have conversations with your children about what is most important to you, or discuss situations and how to resolve them.

Spend Less Time on Your Phone

Be honest with yourself.  How much time do you tend to spend on a technical device each day?  Try to give yourself at least 15 minutes where you’re 100% disconnected from any device, and instead use that time to connect with your children.

No matter what New Year’s resolutions you choose to make, keep in mind that it’s okay not to overdo it.  Even if it’s just one resolution, that is far better than making several that you’re likely to break.

Megan Smith