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an elementary boy bullies a girl with other children in the background

Is Your Kid a Bully? The Tell-Tale Signs That Your Kid is Up to No Good

You might spend years worrying about whether or not your kid might get bullied when they go to school, but what happens when your kid IS the bully?  Would you even realize that your child was bullying others?

Here are a few signs of bullying that you can look out for to find out if your kid is, in fact, a bully.

Your Kid is Having Behavioral Issues at School

Although not all behavioral issues stem from a child being a bully, it does merit a closer look.

If your child is acting out when they don’t get their way and seems to lack empathy for others, this might be a sign that they might be bullying others.

They’re Obsessed with Being Popular

It isn’t uncommon for a kid to worry about whether they’re popular or accepted by their peers, but it can become an issue if they start to obsess about it.

This can lead to insecurities and your child might act in a hostile manner toward those who they believe might affect their social status.

Your Home Life Isn’t So Great

Unfortunately, a lot of bullies act the way they do because of what they’ve been exposed to at home.  If a child experiences or witnesses violence at home, they’re much more likely to act out toward others.  Your relationship with your child is also very important.

If a child doesn’t feel loved or accepted at home, they might take out their frustration on other children.

They Have Aggressive Friends

Pay attention to the friends that your child hangs around with.  If they seem mean-spirited or aggressive, your child might feel like they need to do the same to fit in.

In this case, you might want to sit down and talk to your child about peer pressure and how to make the right choices.

Your Child Can’t Sleep at Night

Is your kid getting enough sleep?  Sometimes problematic behavior can be a result of your kid not having their basic needs met.

Visiting a sleep specialist or your child’s doctor can help pinpoint any issues that you might be missing.

Maisie Peterson