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Is Your Child Gifted? Traits and Characteristics to Look Out For

As you watch your child develop and grow, you might wonder if they possess any particular strengths or talents that set them apart from other children.  What a lot of people fail to realize is that gifted children aren’t one size fits all and that there is so much more involved than simple intelligence.

If you’re curious about whether your child might be gifted, here are a few traits and characteristics to help identify them.

Traits and Characteristics of Gifted Children

Natural Curiosity

Gifted children are curious about the world around them.  Even in infancy, a gifted baby might seem more aware as they try to take everything in.  This natural curiosity means they’re able to learn on their own and it isn’t uncommon for a gifted child to teach themselves how to read by the age of three.


While you might be excited at the idea of having a child who is two standard deviations above the norm, it comes at a cost.  Gifted children can be both intense and sensitive.

This can mean that they get upset at things that other children wouldn’t bat an eyelash at, or that they’ll refuse to wear certain clothing because of the way it feels.

They Aren’t “Yes Men”

If there’s one thing that is certain about gifted individuals, it is their tendency to ask questions about any and everything.  If you ask them to do something, you can expect an avalanche of questions in return because they want to fully understand the bigger picture.  Your gifted child is no different.

A gifted child can also be stubborn, and if something doesn’t make sense to them, they’ll try to argue and negotiate until it does.

Preference for Being Alone

Even from a young age, many gifted people have a preference for solitude, and can be introverted.  A gifted child might enjoy spending time on a favorite project by themselves rather than joining a group to work on the project together.

This is because they’re highly capable of hyperfocus and don’t want others to interrupt the process.  Children like this generally prefer the company of older kids and adults if they must work in a group.

Highly Imaginative and Creative

Gifted children can literally live inside of their own heads, making up the most fantastical stories or situations that seem wise beyond their years.  These children also tend to possess an incredible memory, and can remember events and details that happened a long time ago.

If you suspect your child might be gifted, the best thing you can do is help nurture their need for learning, and to be understanding of their sensitivities and individual way of thinking.

Maisie Peterson