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Hidden Dangers of Baby Vaccinations, Should You Vaccinate Your Child?

There are two very vocal sides to the baby vaccination argument.  Should you, or shouldn’t you? Which is more dangerous?  What will happen if you vaccinate your baby, and what is the worse thing that could happen if you don’t?

The simple truth is that we all want to keep your children safe in the best way we possibly can.  In light of that, here are a few facts surrounding vaccines for your children, and how they work.

Vaccinations Exist to Help Prevent Diseases

There have been many advances in medical science, and stats prove that diseases have drastically declined since the advent of vaccinations.

Some have even been completely eliminated, and others are at the point of near-extinction.  Simply put, vaccinations obviously work and there is proof to back that up.

Vaccines are Safe

You’ve heard stories of adverse reactions, and how vaccines can cause autism, but the proof is in the pudding.  Vaccines available to the public have been heavily reviewed and tested by doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals.

Like just about everything in life, some might experience severe reactions, but this is very rare.  Most children only suffer mild discomfort.

Herd Immunity

By having your child vaccinated, not only does it help protect those who aren’t able to be vaccinated, it helps protect future generations as well.  Diseases have a nasty habit of reappearing when not enough of the population chooses to vaccinate.

In fact, about 10 to 20 babies die in the United States each year because they were exposed to whooping cough, that they were too young to receive vaccinations against.

Vaccinations are Required by Schools

If you plan for your child to attend a public school, they can be denied entrance if they don’t have proper immunizations.  They can also be denied entrance if they have contracted a vaccine-preventable disease – and this also applies to some other child care facilities.

For families who are worried about being able to afford vaccinations for their child, there are federally funded programs available that provide vaccines at no cost – such as the Vaccines for Children program.  (VFC)

Maisie Peterson