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Don’t Follow this Parenting Advice – We Mean It

The second you become a new parent, you suddenly have all sorts of ‘helpful’ advice thrown at you – as if trying to raise a new baby isn’t hard enough in itself.  To help give you a break from unsolicited suggestions, we’re going to do the opposite instead.

Under no circumstances should you follow the advice below.

The Worst Parenting Advice You Should Never Follow

Don’t Use Big Words Around Your Kids

You might have someone suggest to you that you shouldn’t use big words around your kids because they “can’t understand it”.  Well, they’re going to have a better chance of understanding those words if you actually use them.  Never be ashamed of building up your child’s vocabulary.

Get Rid of Your Cat Before the Baby Arrives

There is an old wives tale that suggests a cat will suffocate a baby in order to drink the milk from their mouth.  This is NOT going to happen.  Cats are far more likely to keep a distance from a baby, and they’re certainly not going to try drinking milk out of a baby’s mouth.

Put Hot Sauce on Their Tongue if They Bite

Please don’t put hot sauce on your baby’s tongue.  If your child is biting, there is often a reason behind it, and under no circumstances should you ‘bite them back to show them that it hurts’.

You’re supposed to keep your child safe, not hurt them – and you can’t exactly teach a child not to bite by showing them how to bite.  Instead, figure out why they’re biting in the first place, and work from there.

Never Teach Your Child the Word ‘No’

Can you seriously believe this is something people say?  Some have the mindset that if you teach your child the word ‘no’ that they’ll repeat it incessantly. Quite frankly, toddlers are going to repeat everything anyway, and the sooner they learn that some things are a big ‘no’, the better.

You Need to Have Another Baby

You know, so your other baby has company and doesn’t get bored.  Here’s the thing – you should have another baby only if you’re ready and are able to handle having another baby.  You should never have another child just to entertain the one you already have.

Let Him Cry it Off, You’ll Spoil Him

I’m sorry, but there is no such thing as spoiling a baby.  Your baby is relying on you to have their needs met, and their crying has a purpose.  Some might say you shouldn’t pick a baby up immediately when they cry so that they learn to self-soothe, but it can actually cause the opposite.

When a baby has their most basic needs met, it helps them learn to be confident and less anxious.

Maisie Peterson