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Children and Baby Product Recalls – November and December 2019

Sometimes the most innocent products can put babies and children at risk, so we’d like to help keep you informed about some of the most recent product recalls that could put them in danger.

Some of the products below include packaging that is not child-resistant, sleepers that pose a fatal falling risk, and a bassinet that has faulty support legs.

DaVinci Bassinets Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

About 3000 units are affected, and consumers are being asked to immediately stop using these bassinets and to contact DaVinci for a free repair kit.

The kit includes new support legs, and parents are being urged to remove the current legs and to either put the bassinet on a safe area of the floor or find an alternate area for their children to sleep until the repair has been made.

Consumer Contact:



Fisher-Price Inclined Sleeper Accessory for Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yards Recalled in T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods stores

These sleepers may cause choking, falling, laceration, fire, burns, explosion, fatalities, or other injuries, depending on the product.  Infant fatalities have been reported due to the infants rolling from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained.

Consumer Contact:

T.J. Max – 800-926-6299 from 9am-6pm ET Monday-Friday

Marshalls – 888-627-7425 from 9am-6pm ET Monday-Friday

HomeGoods – 800-888-0776 from 9am-6pm ET Monday-Friday

Wintergreen Essential Oil by RESURRECTIONbeauty Fails to Meet Child Packaging Requirements, Poisoning Risk

The wintergreen essential oil by RESURRECTIONbeauty contains methyl salicylate, which should be in child-resistant packaging. This is required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA).  This product poses a poison risk as it is not child-resistant.

Consumers are being urged to contact RESURRECTIONbeauty to obtain a free replacement cap that is child-resistant.

Consumer Contact:



IKEA Infant Bibs Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

These bibs from IKEA have snaps on the back that can become detached, which poses a choking risk to young children.  Consumers are being asked to immediately stop using these bibs and to return them to IKEA for a full refund.  It doesn’t have to be the same IKEA that you originally purchased the bibs from.

Consumer Contact:


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