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Baby Emergencies – How Every Parent Can Be Prepared

Considering the entire act of even getting into a car with small children is in itself a feat, making sure you have these essentials handy to help in these situations can help in a BIG way.

You never know when your child might have an unexpected eruption in some shape, form or… smell…  so having some of these items could be a total lifesaver for busy parents.

Here are the top 8 emergency items you’ll want to keep in your car at all times:

Wet Wipes

Every parent definitely should keep some sort of wet wipes on hand, both the generic variety for cleaning little behinds and those with anti-bacterial properties.  Spills are going to happen, and you’ll be thankful you were prepared for them.

Hand Sanitizer

Although wet wipes are highly beneficial, you’ll want to also have hand sanitizer nearby.  Areas where children play are literally crawling with germs, and bathrooms don’t always have working faucets.

Not to mention, soap and water won’t always be available either if you end up with messy fingers from diaper duty while out and about.

Throw Blankets

Kids get dirty, kids get sleepy and kids and hot pavement or sand don’t always mix.  Keeping a throw blanket in your car can help in a wide variety of ways, and you can even bundle one up to serve as a make-shift pillow.

Activity Books

Bored children are loud, upset children.  Try to keep some sort of activity on hand at all times, and everyone in your car will be much happier in general.

Bath Towels

Much like a throw blanket, having bath towels nearby can help with any messes that might happen, but they’re able to handle bigger messes, and are especially handy during the summer months when you could maybe use a sudden beach or pool towel.

Bottles of Water

You won’t believe how amazingly handy having a few bottles of water can be.  If you’re out at the park, stuck in traffic or need clean liquid to help aid in a messy cleanup, or to clean up an unexpected boo-boo, having water on hand has many fantastic uses.

Snacks that Won’t Go Bad

It probably goes without saying that if you keep bottles of water on hand, that having a few snacks isn’t a bad idea either. Opt for non-perishable snacks that can withstand the heat or cold.

You never know when your commute or trip might go longer than expected.

First Aid

This should actually be the first thing on your list.  Keep basic first aid supplies handy, such as bandages, cleanser, antibacterial ointment and Band-Aids.

Maisie Peterson