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a close up of a babys face

Baby Do’s and Don’ts – Lessons Learned from One Mother to Another

When you first become a mom, you are suddenly surrounded by all kinds of anxieties.  As the years go by, you learn what things are most important, and what you could (and should) allow to slide.

Here are some lessons you can keep in mind, from mothers who have been there.

You Don’t Need to be Perfect

Children don’t need the perfect mommy – they need their mommy.  Your imperfections are what they will grow to love the most, and they will learn to appreciate those imperfections in others.  Just try your best, and it will be noticed.

Take the Time to Educate

Your child’s teacher shouldn’t be your child’s main educator.  Be involved with your child’s education, and make it a priority in your life.  Volunteer when you can, and lead your child by example.  You’d be amazed at how much they’re able to soak in.

Try Not to Hover

You can still let your children know that you’re there for them while still giving them space to breathe.  Kids need a little independence and need to learn that it will hurt when they fall.  After all, you can still be there to help them back up.

Let Things Go

Your house doesn’t need to look perfect, and the milk isn’t going to get spilt forever.  Learn to take those things in stride.  One day you’ll have more time to clean, and you’ll miss those little spills.

Moments Matter

Life gets hectic, and sometimes you might feel like you’re not doing enough.  As long as you let your children know that you’re making the best effort, and that you love them, everything will be ok.  Try creating special moments where you can, and remember that quality can be far better than quantity.

Most importantly, just take care of yourself.  We often get so involved in doing everything for our children that we tend to put ourselves last.  Make time for those long baths, to read a book, or to have coffee with a friend.  Your children need and want their mother to be happy.

Maisie Peterson