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a sleeping baby with a dog laying its head on it

Babies and Dogs, a Bite Waiting to Happen? Can You Fully Trust Your Dog?

You’ve heard all of the stories about babies and small children being attacked by the family dog.  What is the truth about these situations, and could it happen to your own family?

Should you wait until your child is old enough to understand the responsibility of having a pet, or should you give up your favorite fido before welcoming a new member into your family?

The Truth about Dogs Attacking Babies

One thing that people fail to remember is that their sweet, lovable canine is still an animal and that animals will often act on their instincts if they become afraid, or if something new is introduced into their home.

People also fail to teach their children how to treat an animal and even actively encourage them to grab the animal’s tail, to lay on them, or hold them around the neck.  Worst yet, they think nothing of allowing their baby to approach their dog’s food bowl.

Those situations are what causes dogs to react aggressively toward children the most.  The number one thing a family can do is to always be on the alert that their pet might react, and they need to be proactive to help prevent it from even happening.

That is why most experts recommend that you never leave a dog alone with a baby.

Family Friendly Dog Breeds that Do Best with Children

Now that we’ve covered why dogs might attack children, you might be curious about which dog breeds might be best suited for your family.  Keep in mind that every dog is different, with their own personality and traits, but in general, the dogs mentioned here are fairly easygoing and eager to please.

Beagle – this is an excellent choice as a family dog, as they have a very calm temperament.  If you’re the type of family that loves to be outdoors, this dog will happily join you on most adventures.

Labrador – this well-known dog breed is beloved by many families for good reason.  They’re quick to train and they’re known to be gentle when playing with children, which they love to do.

Newfoundland – this is the gentle giant of the dog world, and they’re usually very good with children of all ages.  They’re also known to be very intelligent.

Pug – pug dogs love having a lot of attention, and fit a lot of personality in such a small body.  If you want a dog that will make your children laugh, this is the one.

Bichon Frise – what kid wouldn’t want their own personal teddy bear?  Even better, this dog is considered to be hypoallergenic.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – this is a playful breed that has a peaceful demeanor and a very sweet nature.

There are many other dog breeds that can also be an excellent choice for your family.  What matters the most is simply taking the time to teach your children how to be responsible pet owners.

Maisie Peterson