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a father and daughter share a loving moment

Advice from My Father That Truly Helped Shape My Entire Life

Whether you’re a boy or girl, having a good father around to help advise you on the most important things in life can go further than you might realize. It’s the sort of advice that sticks with you during your entire lifetime, and it’ll pop into your mind when you least expect it.

Here are a few things my own father taught me that has meant the most in my own life.

Try to Make People Smile

One thing I always loved about my father was the smile lines around his eyes. He truly earned them, and he helped others earn them in return. He always felt it was important to be kind and to help give others a reason to smile.

Admire Brains, Not Beauty

While beauty can be easy to admire, it takes a far better person to appreciate someone’s brain instead. Beauty will fade over time, while intelligence and good conversation can only grow. You’ll appreciate that more as you get older, you know.

Marry Someone Kind

Speaking of getting older, when you choose your future mate, try to find someone who will treat you with the kindness you deserve. You’ll also want to pay attention to how they treat their mother, and whether or not they are hard working.

Value People Over Money

Never lose the ability to value other people, especially if you are lucky enough to be financially stable. Often, having more money seems to make people devalue others who have less than them. Don’t be that person.

Avoid Baggy Clothing

This applies to both men and women. Wear clothes that flatter, not clothing that can make you appear unkempt, or like you just don’t care about your appearance.

Your Reputation Matters

No matter what you do in life, make sure that it will help you keep a good reputation. Don’t do or say anything that might damage that reputation. This is especially important when it comes to social media.

Be a Good Friend

When push comes to shove, having friends around to help you through some of the toughest moments in life can go a long way. Be that friend, and others will do the same for you in return.

Love Your Family

Really and truly love your family, and be there for them. Know how to prioritize others than yourself. Don’t lie and cheat, and don’t give them any reason to hurt.

Maisie Peterson